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Update - RSS feed added.
Posted on February 2, 2022
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Life has been keeping me busy - this is a short update that includes some context about two posts on mental health I’m posting simultaneously.

I have added an RSS feed. Please let me know if you have any problems subscribing. Ditto if you have any feedback/feature requests regarding the site.

I am planning to avoid doing many of the things that people commonly do to drive traffic to their site, because I think they are obnoxious. I did however post my Conquest of Bread book review to Hacker News, and received some positive feedback, which was gratifying. It was also posted last year November on the astralcodexten substack, for which I am very grateful: thanks to Scott Alexander for that!

Mental health posts

I have been writing a post about mental health for some time. It has proven difficult. The feedback that I received for my first draft was that it was overly complicated, dry, and ‘too scientific’.

To solve this I ended up splitting it into two separate posts; the first one is wetter, contains less ‘science’, and is more personal. The second one is more of a speculative rumination on various facts than a coherent whole. Perhaps some people will enjoy that.

If you like you can think of the two posts as my emotional versus my rational perspective on mental illness. I opted to post the second one, despite the fact that it is somewhat disjointed, because I may write longer posts about the topics I touch upon therein.

part 1

part 2